The stay put yoga legging

Leggings stay up in yoga and waves

Made for you

Designed by us. All artwork created by T&C.

Our leggings are tough and soft, the perfect balance for you.

Hand-made, made-to-order leggings! Sustainable yoga gear made with love by T&C. We discovered that many people didn't realize that all our leggings are drawn and designed by Calvin and Theresa (you know, us). All yoga gear is selected based on Theresa's discerning eye for apparel:

1. They must stay up in yoga and waves. Check.
2. Super light, super durable, and super comfy, Check, check, check.
3. Long-lasting shape and design. Check, check.
4. Protect skin from the sun 40-50 SPF.
5. Can be used for anything from yoga class to the beach to bed. Check, check, check.

A little somethin' for everyone

Make it yours

2-4 week turnaround

All our garments are made to order. Logos, patterns and designs are created with love for you by us. 

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Feeling fearless
Be strong and have fun!
Words that describe our gear:
soft, comfy, feels like a hug, cozy, wear everywhere, need more than one.
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