Fads fade. Love Lasts.

College Park Yoga (CPY) offers many things that others cannot.  We offer a space that is welcoming, clean, spacious, and comfortable.  We offer a practice that is safe, effective and life-changing.  We don't showcase the hottest fads in the industry because fads create false pride and eventually they fade  - so you won't ever find fads here.  
CPY has substance, a tangible feeling of goodwill that many students experience here.   These experiences are difficult for many to explain in words.  But,  even if you can't put your finger on it, the experience is remarkable. We are grateful to hold this unique space for people to experience such goodness!   What happens here is A LOT more than just a simple workout, there is something good that radiates here!  Something that cannot simply be put into a few words. 
Students often compare the CPY experience to the characteristics of Fine Wine. 
CPY keeps getting better and better  - especially with age (16 years old now!).   There is a distinctive characteristic here that can only be tasted through a discriminating palette.  There are cheaper varieties on the market, but once CPY has been tasted and the characteristics noted, it is worth saving time and energy for the superior taste!
Join us at CPY for a real yoga experience.  A love that lasts and that will go beyond all your expectations and will be everything you didn't know you were looking for. 

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