Walking on hot coals is easier...

At College Park Yoga (CPY) our studio is open to all who desire to experience something good.  Good can be as simple as calmness, strength and openness.  These attributes are both mental and physical ones.  Our yoga classes allow students to experience the power of the fundamental practices such as dedication and simplicity.  To experience the calming meditative space of yoga practice mantras and chakras are unnecessary.  One of the most difficult things to understand about yoga, spirituality, and meditation is that we are all attracted to different aspects of spirituality and meditation.  The tendency of many people is to dabble in the study of chakras and mantras thinking this will deepen their spirituality and they think to experience meditation, one must be seated for hours.  But, our yoga system teaches, anything that develops mental peace is an excellent source of focus to calm the mind.  We use the focus of the breath and mindful movement to effectively move one towards inner peace.

Some of you may recall, that many years ago we titled our yoga classes - power yoga.  But these words now are conflicted with a style of yoga that is overly physical and the mind space of calmness is left behind in the dust in favor of fast moment and an uncontrolled mind.  So, we use the term Vinyasa to describe our classes best.  Vinyasa means "to set or place mindfully".  And, at CPY that is exactly what we do every single class.  Every class at CPY has focus on developing a meditation practice that includes movement and mental peace.  The postures of yoga should be practiced with a jovial mindset, steadiness and peacefulness.   There is no force or push in our yoga practice, because the simple practices themselves are already challenging enough.
The ancient sages of yoga equate reaching a meditative state is more difficult than taming a wild animal or walking on hot coals.  These are far easier tasks than taming the constantly wandering mind.  So, no, the work of yoga is not easy.  But, wow, is it rewarding.

For many current day students, we cannot run to the woods for peace like the ancient sages of yoga.  We are living in a concrete jungle.  So, we have to take whatever little peace we can get.  For many of us, the peace achieved in 90 minutes at College Park Yoga relieves an entire week of suffering.  So, whether you are thinking about starting a yoga practice or you already have one in place, make sure you take time out to experience CPY's unique yoga practice and enjoy the amazing benefits of dedication and simplicity!

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