The long awaited BURN 33 Days of Raw® ebook releases!

This weekend, was a beautiful BURN weekend.  We explored Prana Vayu (the energetic winds of the body) and learned how to begin the practice of taming energy (prana) followed by munching down happily on tasty Pad Thai.  On Sunday, the warm breezes of Florida summer flooded the CPY space as we journeyed through our kitchens during a meditation of gratitude.  Now that BURN 33 days of Raw® is available in an Ebook form, we can spend time during the workshops working on deeper Liquid Fire Yoga® practice. The weekend workshops offer asana, pranayama (deep controlled breathing), guided meditations and relaxations.   We  breakdown  aspects of asana we usually never get to cover in a daily yoga class.  Afterwards we all gather together to cut, chop, blend, and juice making the easy, delicious, and wonderful food of BURN.

The ebook is flooded with information about yoga and its relationship with food.  It also has a Liquid Fire Yoga® sequence for you to practice at home and 139 all new raw and vegan recipes.  The vegan comfort food section is called SolFood and it has recipes like Macaroni and Cheese, Aloo Gobi, and Penne Alla Crema. 

We look forward to helping you develop and healthy body and calm mind.  Enjoy the calm pulsation of BURN 33 Days of Raw® in ebook form.  
With divine love, Lokah & C

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